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There are several benefits of being a member of Resort Silver Hills. When you become a member of Resort Silver Hills, you get a whole lot of benefits and privileges which are not available to other guests. Although we treat everyone with hospitality, we believe the treatment of our members should be set to a higher standard. You can fill the membership form below and become our member.


Enrollment Amount : Rs. 35,000/-
Life Membership fees : Rs. 2,500/-


Silver Vacation Holiday Card
2 Adults And 2 Children Below 5 Years


  • 28 Nights stay at any time of the Year (excluding 31st December) at Silver Hills Lonavala

  • Rs.15,000/- worth of Silver Currency for use on food and beverage (non alcoholic) and Resort Amenities at Silver Hills Lonavala.


  • 50% Discount on rooms in Medium and Off Season at Silver Hills Lonavala

  • 30% Discount on Food and Beverages (Non Alcoholic) at Silver Hills Lonavala

  • 15% Discount in Peak Season at Resort Silver Hills Lonavala

  • 50% Discount on use of Swimming Pool, Resort Amenities, Subject to seasonal function

  • Special rates for Functions, Celebrations and Events

Terms and Conditions
  • Stay coupon to be used in 7 yrs. Minimum two nights of stay. Not more than 6 Nights can be used in a year subject to availability and advance reservation.

  • Utility charges plus taxes applicable from time to time. A maximum up to Rs.250/- per year increment in utility charges. on account of increase in cost of services. Advance booking compulsory, additional charges may be applicable from time to time as decided by the management and subject to availability. Advance confirmation charges applicable.

  • Silver Currency can be used for F&B, (Non Alcoholic) OR for events as announced from time to time. Any Government/ Local Taxes if applicable on services paid by currency, to be paid by cash.

  • Additional Adult and Child to be charged prevailing package or Tariff rate.

  • The stay coupon can be used anytime of the year except 31st December. Maximum of two nights can be used consecutively in peak season.

  • Total 14 stay coupons for 2 nights shall be given. Stay coupons to be given in advance for stay in peak season. Any bookings confirmed cannot be cancelled or carried forward.

  • Stay can be gifted to any body subject to a guest fees of Rs.400/- only 1 Room per Membership shall be entitled during peak season.

  • Stay on the coupons cannot be clubbed with any other promotional offer.

  • Cheque to be drawn in name of Archer Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd.

FAQ of Silver Vacation Holiday Card
Q. 1) How much I have to pay when I use the stay coupons?

You pay depending on the room you choose, ranging from Rs.1150/- to Rs.1850/- per day per room for 2 Adults and 2 Childrenís below 5 years irrespective of the tariff. For Example the normal tariff during a peak season is Rs. 8000/- for 2 Nights against which you only have to pay Rs.2300/- You save Rs. 5700/-

Q. 2) Can I use them any time of the year including vacations or long weekends?

You can use them at anytime of the year excluding 31st December. You can use them also on long weekends provided your minimum stay is 2 Nights. Even if you wish to stay for 1 Night your 2 Nights would be accounted & minimum utility charges for 2 days shall be applicable. Also you will be entitled to only one room per membership. The 2nd room can be taken on discounted rate. However you can take multiple rooms up to a maximum of 3 rooms per membership on off season weekdays.

Q. 3) Why should I pay for 2 nights if I just want to stay for 1 night?

Correct! why should you pay for 2 nights when you want to stay for 1 night. Well you can avail 50% discount on existing room tariff if itís a off season and 15% discount if itís a peak season and not use your coupons. This way you donít waste your stay coupons.

Q. 4) Can I just come from morning to evening for picnics?

Yes you can visit from morning to evening for picnics. One gets 50% discount on all facilities. For Example if you are a member and you visit Lonavala in monsoons for one day picnics on a Sunday and you have 10 friends with you. You along with all your friends get discount on use of swimming pool, food etc.

Q. 5) Can I send my guests?
Ans. Yes you can send your guests. Nominal guests fees of Rs. 400/- is applicable per day in addition to the utility charge and stay coupon.
Q. 6) How do I benefit with Silver Vacation Holiday Card?

Out of the Rs. 37500/- you pay you get back Rs. 15000 in terms of food coupons. So virtually for Rs. 22500/- you are getting a life membership along with 28 stay at discounted rate. By the time you finish using this membership you are benefited by nearly more than double of what you have paid.

Q. 7) How do I use my food coupons and when?
Ans. You can use your food coupons to pay your food bills at the Resort any time of the year.
Q. 8) For how long are the food coupons and stay coupons valid?

The 28 stay coupons and Rs.15000/- worth of food coupons are to be used within a period of seven years. However the discounts and benefits of the membership continue for lifetime.

Q. 9) Will the utility charges remain the same for five years?

The utility charges increase by Rs.200/ to Rs.300/- every year. This is done as the rates of electricity, taxes and other services increase by 10% to 15% every year.

Q.10) What if I want to avail the stay on the coupons during the off season?

As the name suggests this is a Silver Vacation Card for peak season. One van avail 50% discount on stay during off seasons or can also use his stay coupons during the off season. Instead one can opt for off season Holiday Scheme called as Silver Budget Holiday Card in which can be used during off season. Please refer the membership section for further details.

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There are several benefits of being a member of our resort.

When you become a member of Resort Silver Hills, you get a whole lot of benefits and privileges which are not available to other guests. Although we treat everyone with hospitality...

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